Indoor Triathlon and Duathlon Jan.6th

December 9, 2018

             Indoor Triathlon and Duathlon Jan 6th, 2019 

Start the 2019 new year with a splash, pedal and dash at the BellAliant Center. Register online!/events/2019-indoor-triathlon-and-duathlon-at-the-bell-aliant-center-jan-6th

Race Categories:
Sprint Triathlon                               min 16 years as of Dec 31, 2019,       750 m  swim, 20 km cycle, 5 km run    ( if indoors 3 km run)
Super Sprint Triathlon                    min 12 years as of Dec 31, 2019        350m  swim, 10 km cycle, 2.5 km run  ( if indoors 1.5km run)

Tri a Tri for beginners                     min age 12 as of Dec 31, 2019          150 m swim, 5 km bike , 1 km run          ( if indoor 500 m run)

Sprint Duathlon                              16 years as of Dec 31, 2019,             3 km run 20 km bike  1.50 km run     ( indoor run)

Super sprint  Duathlon                   min 12 years as of Dec 31, 2019        2 km run 10 km bike 1 km run         ( indoor run)

Triathlon Check in and Body marking:
8:20- 8:50 am

Triathlon Race Briefing
8:50 am

Duathlon check in 9:30  ALL INDOORS   RUN /BIKE/ RUN

Duathlon Race Briefing 9:55

Triathlon Race Start: 9:00 at pool  Duathlon Race Start 10:00 at indoor track at UPEI
All triathletes will swim first at 9:00 am.  The cycling will take place on the indoor Kaiser bikes in the cycling studio upper level UPEI Sport Center.  Together you will race toward the finish line with a 2.5 or 5 km outdoor run on the trail, weather permitting. (indoor track as backup, if inside will be 1.5 and 3 km run)

The duathlon will start at 10:00 at the indoor track, then to the cycling studio at UPEI and then back to the track ( sprint 3 km 20 km bike 1.5 km run , supersprint 2 km run, 10 km bike  and 1 km

The Scores:
Race volunteers record the time for your swim, bike and run. Total the 3 events. The fastest time wins.

The Transitions:
We will not be timing transitions

The Cost:
Members: $20
Non-members: $20.00 plus $15 .00 one day membership                            First Timer: member $10.00, non member $10.00 plus $15.00 one day membership

Participants will receive:
swim cap, snack, race series points, draw prizes and results  posted online,
Medals to top three in each division

Register for Indoor Triathlon and Duathlon:!/events/2019-indoor-triathlon-and-duathlon-at-the-bell-aliant-center-jan-6th

Register for one year memberships!/memberships/triathlon-pei-annual-membership-2019